Short Stories About Independence or Individuality: Stories About Being Independent & Conformity

short stories about conformity Short Stories About Independence Short stories about Individuality
Short Stories About Conformity, Independence or Individuality

These short stories about independence, individuality and conformity feature characters who are asserting their independence, individuality or are showing who they really are. Others might be more focused on someone trying to squash individuality and enforce conformity. They will usually be in conflict with other individuals, small groups, or society. See also:

Short Stories About Independence, Individuality & Conformity

“The Era” | Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenya

Ben is in school learning about the Long Big War and the Big Quick War. Ben isn’t optimized; he’s a clear-born. His sister, Marlene, is a rarity; her optiselection made her a para-one. She’s highly ambitious. Everyone receives regular helpings of Good at breakfast to function normally. Ben goes to the nurse for more.

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“A & P” by John Updike

Three young women wearing bathing suits enter a grocery store. Sammy, a nineteen-year-old cashier, watches them as they move through the aisles. He focuses in particular on one he calls Queenie, who looks like the leader of the group. The other employees and customers also notice the girls. (Summary & Analysis)

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Bartleby, the Scrivener | Herman Melville 

An elderly Manhattan lawyer tells the story of Bartleby, the strangest law-copyist he has ever heard of. After being hired, Bartleby does good work for a short time. One day, though, he is asked to look over a document, and simply replies “I would prefer not to.” This marks the beginning of a trend for Bartleby.

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“My Flamboyant Grandson” by George Saunders

A boy loves show-tunes, singing and dancing, which alienates him from his peers and many adults. His grandfather accepts him and brings him to New York to see a show. He obtains a Promissory Voucher and they head to the Eisner Theater. Upon arriving he finds this isn’t enough. He also needs Proof of Purchases from at least six of their sponsors and the real tickets from the Redemption Center. (Summary)

My Man Bovanne | Toni Cade Bambara

Bovanne, an older, blind man is a guest at a fund-raising event for an African-American political group. Hazel, a relative of one of the group’s members, dances with Bovanne, causing a stir at the event.

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“Robot Dreams” by Isaac Asimov

Linda Rash, a robopsychologist, shows a master of the field, Susan Calvin, what has happened. Elvex, her robot, claims to have dreamed. Susan analyzes Elvex’s positronic brain patterns. Linda has applied fractal geometry to its brain to add complexity. Susan isn’t sure whether this is brilliant or disastrous. (Summary)

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“Bug Eater” by Nathan M. Beauchamp

The tribe’s men haven’t returned after three days and everyone knows there won’t be any food. Angi has been breeding generations of beetles, looking for a sustainable food source. She’s getting closer, but no one appreciates her work. They’re going to have to draw lots. Grandfather urges her to leave while she can.

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Short Stories About Independence & Individuality, Cont’d

“The Perfect Match” by Ken Liu

People’s preferences are monitored and their phones tell them about things that should appeal to them. Sai doesn’t mind but his neighbor, Jenny, resents the lack of privacy and doesn’t like the recording devices. She thinks the phones are telling people what to do. Sai starts wondering if she’s right. (Summary)

“The Perfect Match”

“They” by R. A. Hogan

Alice is on a ledge looking into the fog below. They told her to go there, the ones who keep humanity safe. They tell her to jump off, but she’s not sure. She uploads the picture to the Connection and her followers encourage her to do it. Alice had made the mistake of asking if anyone had ever disconnected, and worse, she even tried it for a while.

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“John Redding Goes To Sea” by Zora Neale Hurston

The villagers thought John was an unusual child, and his mother agreed. He was imaginative and prone to day dreams. He’s drawn to the sea, and wants to leave his small Florida village when he grows up. John’s mother is against it but his father is supportive. When the time comes, John is determined to go. While waiting, he meets Stella and unexpectedly gets married, which puts his plans on hold. (Summary)

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“Deer in the Works” by Kurt Vonnegut

David Potter goes to the Ilium Works, a large industrial plant. They’re hiring lots of new staff to help fulfill an armament contract. David is a writer, which isn’t exactly what they’re looking for right now. After talking to the hiring manager, Mr. Dilling, David lands a job in the publicity department. His wife isn’t sure about the new job, because David loves the small paper he owns. They have four children now, though, and David thinks it’s time he work his way up in the corporate world. Plus, the job is still in journalism.

“The Widow’s Might” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Three grown siblings—James, Ellen and Adelaide—gather at their mother’s home in Denver. They’ve just attended the funeral of their father, who died after a long illness. His will is to be read, and they all hope to settle matters quickly and return home. They discuss what is to be done with their mother, including where she will live and who will pay for her expenses. They hope there will be enough from the sale of the estate to cover most of it.

A Dill Pickle | Katherine Mansfield

After six years a woman and man meet again in a cafe. He talks about his life away from her and of shared experiences. She compares his recollections with her own. They fall into their old pattern.

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Short Stories About Individuality & Independence, Cont’d

Black Walls | Liu Xin-Wu

It’s early on a Sunday morning in a small housing complex. The neighbors notice that Mr. Zhou is painting his room. Everyone is gathered in another resident’s room  to discuss the situation.

My Man Bovanne | Toni Cade Bambara

Bovanne, an older, blind man is a guest at a fund-raising event for an African-American political group. Hazel, a relative of one of the group’s members, dances with Bovanne, causing a stir at the event.

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A&P | John Updike

Three young women wearing bathing suits enter a grocery store. The manager warns them to be appropriately dressed next time. Sammy, a teenage clerk, doesn’t mind, and imagines who the girls are based on their appearance.

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Shifting | Ann Beattie

Larry and Natalie have known each other since they were ten and are now married. Larry is organized and follows a schedule. Natalie is more imaginative, and has her own interests. When Natalie inherits a car, they have different ideas about what should be done with it.

Rose-Johnny | Barbara Kingsolver

Georgeann, the eleven-year-old narrator, is curious about Rose-Johnny, a woman who runs the feed store. Parents warn their children to stay away from her. Georgeann thinks she seems ordinary, except she has really short hair and wears men’s boots. Georgeann comes up with an excuse to spend time around Rose-Johnny, to see what all the fuss is about.

The Revolt of ‘Mother’ | Mary Wilkins Freeman

Adoniram Penn is building a new barn on the spot where he had promised his wife, Sarah, that he would build the family a new house. She confronts him about it but he won’t speak of it. She sees an opportunity to assert herself, and takes it.

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Short Stories About Independence & Individuality, Cont’d

Three Thanksgivings | Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Mrs. Morrison is a fifty-year-old widow in a difficult financial situation. Her children want her to sell her house, while Mr. Butts, who holds the mortgage on her house, wants her to marry him. She tries to come up with a way to live independently.

A New England Nun | Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman

Louisa Ellis has lived alone a long time and is used to doing things her own way. Fourteen years ago, she promised to marry Joe Dagget when he returned from seeking his fortune in Australia. Joe returns and it’s time to fulfill her promise.

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Don’t Call Me by My Right Name | James Purdy

Lois Klein decides that she wants to go back to using her maiden name, McBane. This desire comes to the fore while she and her husband are attending a party with mostly men. Her husband is against the idea and an argument ensues.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner | Alan Sillitoe

A teenager is sentenced to a school for delinquents for robbing a bakery. He turns to long-distance running and excels. He’s offered a reduced workload for the remainder of his sentence if he wins a prestigious race for his school.

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So On He Fares | George Moore

Ulick, ten-years-old, lives with his mother in a cottage in Ireland. His father, a soldier, is away from home. Ulick wants to watch the boats pass, but his mother is controlling and strict, confining him to the garden. He dreams of running off.

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The Albatross | Susan Hill

Duncan is an eighteen-year-old with limited mental ability. He lives with his mother, Hilda. She controls his life, and thinks him incapable of doing anything without her guidance. She’s in a wheelchair and, thus, depends on him for help. Wanting some independence, Duncan is drawn to the sea. A fisherman, Ted, treats him well.

The Man in a Case | Anton Chekhov

Byelikov is a teacher, strict, narrow-minded and obsessed with propriety and following the rules. Not simply content to live this way himself, he also coerces others to conform. When a new teacher, Kovalenko, moves into the area, some people think his sister, Varinka, would make a good match for Byelikov.

I’ll keep adding short stories about independence, individuality and conformity as I find more.