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gangster fiction
Gangster Fiction

Here is some gangster fiction that center around organized crime families and gangsters. I’m sure you’re aware of The Godfatherbut it’s mandatory that I include it. If you didn’t know about it, then I envy that you’ll be able to read it for the first time. I hope you find some riveting gangster fiction here.

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Gangster Fiction

The Godfather by Mario Puzo

Amerigo Bonasera’s daughter is in the hospital, badly beaten for resisting the advances of two young men. The perpetrators walk free. A baker, Nazorine, wants his daughter to be married to Enzo, a man in danger of being sent back to Sicily. In Los Angeles, a singer, Johnny Fontane, spirals into despair as his career and family life fall to pieces. They all know who they must go to for help—The Godfather.

It’s the summer of 1945 in New York. Don Corleone’s daughter, Connie, is getting married. The family’s huge property on Long Island will be full of old friends, for the festivities and to ask for favors.

Tensions are rising among the Five Families of New York. When Don Corleone turns down a business arrangement with Virgil Sollozzo, they take action.

In addition to Don Corleone, some of the prominent players are his three sons, Santino, Fredo and Michael; consigliere Tom Hagen; and capos Clemenza and Tessio.

There are 5 Godfather novels.

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The Last Don by Mario Puzo

Don Domenico Clericuzio wants his family to be legitimate, and is ready to set his plan in motion. He’s just won a costly war against the Santadio. He retires from most of his interests and turns the New York business over to his underboss, Ballazzo, who will form his own Family. His oldest son, Giorgio, will be his successor and go to business school. His nephew, Pippi, is going to Las Vegas to look after their interest in the Xanadu Hotel. His youngest son, Vincent, will open a fine restaurant. His other son, Petie, will run the soldiers from the Bronx Enclave and a construction company. Don Clericuzio divides other ventures between the other Families; in return, he will be paid a commission for handling their money and will use his influence to help them. He wants to keep the future of the Family, including his young grandson Dante and his grandnephew Cross, out of the illegitimate world.

Omertà by Mario Puzo

Before his death, the great Don Zeno of Sicily turns over the care of his young son Astorre to Don Aprile of New York. He raises the boy as his own son, and he sees in him the qualities needed to take over the Family business. Many years later, Don Aprile retires. He has survived the FBI crackdown of the 90s, eluding the head, Cilke, who had been pursuing him for twenty years. He keeps his banks but divides his other interests among his rivals and friends. His three grown children are successful in legitimate careers. In retirement, he even improves his relationship with them. On a December Sunday, he attends the confirmation of his grandson. While all seems well, the Sturzo twins have been hired to take out Don Aprile.

You can read the prologue and halfway into the 2nd chapter in the preview of Omerta

After Hours by Edwin Torres

This novel is the basis for the movie Carlito’s WayCarlito Brigante was sentenced to 30 years on conspiracy along with some Mafia guys, including Joe Cass and Pete Amadeo. Carlito did a lot of legal reading inside and, along with his lawyer, Kleinfeld, has secured an early release after 5 years. Joe Cass, who’s also getting out, talks to Carlito about doing some business together.

Meanwhile, Kleinfeld is stressed. He’s aware of the killing of Nicky Petrone, and knows they’re coming for him next. He’s taken on a lot of gangster clients and hasn’t acted with the utmost integrity. He wants Carlito as a bodyguard, but Carlito plans on buying into a club that need a cash infusion. He’s already been in a dangerous situation since hitting the street, and is planning on going straight. He handles something at the club but knows he looks soft.

You can read into the 4th chapter in the preview of After Hours.

Gangster Fiction, Cont’d

Snake Eyes by Joseph D. Pistone

FBI Special Agent Joseph Pistone has just wrapped a successful undercover operation where he exposed various financial crimes at a bank. He usually gets a break between assignments but not this time. In a little town called Julep, just outside New Orleans, there’s an illegal backroom gambling operation at the Circe Country Club. It’s run by the Russian Mafia and looks like it could be a money laundering scheme. The previous agent, a friend of Joseph’s who infiltrated as a blackjack dealer, was killed. Joseph heads for Julep as Donald Wells, an ex-con with an entry-level job at Circe.

You can read into the 4th chapter in the preview of Snake Eyes

There are a few Donnie Brasco novels besides the true life accounts.

The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow

Art Keller, a DEA agent and former CIA operative, fights the American War on Drugs in Mexico in Operation Condor. The target is Don Pedro Áviles, the long-time drug lord of Sinoloa, who’s been supplying opium for the West Coast mafia’s heroine. The DEA is working with Tío Barrera, who’s the governor’s fixer and a state police officer. He’s been using the Americans to slowly dismantle Don Pedro’s operation. Art used his boxing background to become friends with the Barrera nephew, Adán. The time has come to arrest Don Pedro. In Hell’s Kitchen, Callan, an Irish kid, grows up to become a feared hit man.

This is book 1 of a 3 book series. You can read into the 2nd chapter of the preview of The Power of the Dog.

Capo: A Novel of  New Orleans’ Most Notorious Gangster by Peter Watson

Silvio’s parents were killed when he was a boy. He was taken in by his uncle, Bastiano, consigliere to Antonio Greco. The story details his rise through the underworld.

It begins in Sicily, 1879, with Silvio’s test initiation into the family of Antonino Greco, “the Quarryman”, the most famous mafia boss in Italy. Silvio must deliver a special package to Palermo. When he gets to the Catala River bridge, he sees it’s blocked by police. There’s no time to cut across the mountains and stay out of sight.

You can read into the 3rd chapter in the preview of Capo

Gambino: The Rise by James Pierre

In Sicily, Carlo Gambino has acquitted himself with distinction working for the Boss of Bosses, Don Vito Cascio Ferro. In a restaurant, Don Ferro meets with the three other bosses to discuss an important matter that requires a consensus—inducting Carlo Gambino into their Honored Society. While they all respect Gambino’s accomplishments and abilities, one of them, Don Licavoli, points out that Carlo has never killed for the cause, and traditionally, this is necessary for induction. Don Ferro is forced to acknowledge this sticking point. When Carlo returns from a job, Don Ferro has an assignment for him.

Eventually, Carlo must go to America, where he joins a Castellano crew which, in turn, works for the Luciano family.

You can read into the 5th chapter in the preview of Gambino: The Rise(15% in)

Gangster Fiction, Cont’d

City on Fire by Don Winslow

Danny Ryan goes to the beach every August with the Moretti crew. He married Terri Murphy, daughter of Irish boss John Murphy. Danny’s family used to be in charge, but his father lost his power. Danny makes a living with odd jobs for the family; he didn’t get a boost from marrying the boss’s daughter, like everyone expected. A beautiful woman ignites a war between the two dominant New England crime empires—the Irish and the Italians. Danny wants to be more legit, but he’s drawn in to save friends and family.

You can read into the 2nd chapter in the preview of City on Fire.

Gangsterland by Tod Goldberg

Sal Cupertine is in the back of a car with Fat Monte and two other Family associates. They’re taking him to an undisclosed location that will allow him to get out of Chicago. Sal messed up; he killed four people, including three FBI agents. He needs to disappear. They end up at a meat farm with refrigerated trucks. Sal’s going to ride one to a new life. Despite his fresh start, he finds the Family isn’t done with him.

You can read into the 2nd chapter in the preview of Gangsterland.

Double Dare by Edward Keyes

Farrell owns Anthony’s restaurant and his life is going well. His uncle Michael, who raised him, was against the restaurant, but business has been good. Farrell is also being mentored by Cheech Donato in another line of work. On Monday afternoon he gets the call he’s been waiting for. He leaves with his briefcase and revolver. He heads for the Elysée Hotel. Alison is in place and everything looks under control. Farrell has an opportunity to make $50,000 on this one deal, and he has Donato’s blessing to go ahead.

You can read into the 3rd chapter in the preview of Double Dare.

The Corsican by William Heffernan

Buonaparte Sartene, the adopted son of a mafia family, is offered the chance to escape prison by joining the French Resistance. This opportunity and his impressive talents set his family on a path of great power and wealth, and he rises to the top of an international criminal syndicate. When his organization is rocked by betrayal, he must send his grandson Pierre into exile to the U.S.

You can read into the 4th chapter in the preview of The Corsican.

Gangster Fiction, Cont’d

The Cartel by Ashley & Jaquavis

Carter Diamond, head of Miami’s largest crime organization, waits for the verdict. He’s confident he’ll be found not guilty—key witnesses have disappeared, the judge has been bribed and the majority of the jury have family members missing. Carter’s family sits with him, including his twenty-one year old twin sons, Mecca and Money. The Diamond family and associates celebrate when the verdict is announced and file out. They’re ambushed by the Haitians, and Carter is killed by one disguised as a police officer. The war has started and the family tries to regroup following this tragedy. Carter’s widow, Taryn, reaches out to his illegitimate son, who’s unknown to most of the family.

You can read into the 6th chapter in the preview of The Cartel: Deluxe Edition.

A Quiet Vendetta by R. J. Ellory

Verlaine, a New Orleans police officer, goes to see the medical examiner, Emerson, about a body that was found in the trunk of a car after a few days. It’s an unusual case, between the car and the victims heart, which suggests a possible motive. The coroner, Cipliano, adds that the perpetrator knew something about surgery. He also found a pattern of joined lines drawn onto the victim’s back. At the precinct, there’s a message for Verlaine to get in touch with a contact. Soon after, they get word that the Louisiana Governor’s daughter has been kidnapped.

You can read into the 2nd chapter in the preview of A Quiet Vendetta(Kindle preview)

Scarface by Armitage Trail

Tony Guarino hangs out in the alley of a burlesque house waiting for Vyvyan Lovejoy. She’s not interested if he doesn’t have money and a car. She’s with Al Spingola, the city’s most powerful gang leader. He’s not worried about Al, and plans on trying for Vyvyan again. Tony’s brother, Ben, is a police officer. He knows Tony is into some shady things and warns him not to go too far.

You can read into the 2nd chapter in the preview of Scarface. The Novel. The Legend. 

Daaku: The Gangster’s Life by Ranj Dhaliwal

Rupinder Singh Pandher, known as Ruby, grew up in a Canadian suburb and started out as a small-time criminal. He learned the rules of the street and climbed the ladder to the top of the British Columbia underworld. He’s rushed to the hospital with four gunshot wounds, courtesy of his own crew. A policeman, Rutherford, offers him a protection deal for information. He knows Ruby’s associate Khalsi was behind the attempt. He’s also visited by a Mr. Grewal, who has a proposition for him. Ruby’s younger brother, Kam, is starting to follow in his footsteps. Now, Ruby has to figure out how to proceed.

I hope you found some great gangster fiction to read.