Nostalgia Short Stories

Nostalgia Short Stories about nostalgia nostalgic
Nostalgia Short Stories

This page gathers some short stories about nostalgia. Some stories feature people looking back fondly on things in their life. In others, the characters themselves might not be experiencing a feeling of nostalgia, but the stories are meant to evoke it in the reader. Generally, the stories are happy, but some are bittersweet or have the nostalgia mixed with negative memories. I hope you get nostalgic about Short Story Guide and keep coming back. Enjoy reminiscing.

Short Stories About Nostalgia

“Season of Disbelief” by Ray Bradbury

Mrs. Bentley, seventy-two-years-old, has saved many little tokens from her life—tickets, scarves, records and the like. She’s lived in her current town for five years. She was always on good terms with the local children until they had a disagreement. They didn’t believe Mrs. Bentley when she said that she used to be young just like them. (Summary)

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“Marigolds” by Eugenia W. Collier

Lizabeth recalls a time when she was fourteen, in Maryland, during the Depression. A woman in her neighborhood, Miss Lottie, lives in a dilapidated home, but has a colorful marigold garden. She’s an outcast, and the children make her a target of taunts. (Summary & Analysis)

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“The Hartleys” by John Cheever

Mr. and Mrs. Hartley arrive at the Pemaquoddy Inn with their young daughter, Anne. They were there eight years ago, and had a good time. Skiing is the main pastime at the inn. It even has a hill with a primitive ski tow as a back-up, for when conditions aren’t good on the mountain. Anne only wants to ski with her father, and doesn’t participate in the regular lessons. (Summary)

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“The Fourth Alarm” by John Cheever

A man sits drinking gin on a Sunday morning. He doesn’t have much to do. His wife, Bertha, a good-looking young woman, will arrive tomorrow just for a day. She used to be a teacher, but now she lives near the theatre where she performs. She was cast in Ozamanides II, a scandalous show that made her husband want to seek a divorce. (Summary)

“The Fun They Had” by Isaac Asimov

In the year 2157 Tommy finds a real book. It is about how school was in the old days. He and Margie talk about how different school used to be with human teachers.

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“The Sound of Summer Running” by Ray Bradbury

Douglas sees a pair of tennis shoes in a shop window. He desperately wants a new pair for summer because there’s no magic in his old ones. His father doesn’t see why he needs new sneakers and he doesn’t have enough money to buy them himself. (Summary)

“In the House of the Seven Librarians” by Ellen Klages

The Carnegie Library was a staple of its town for decades. A new, more conveniently placed library was eventually opened. The Carnegie Library was closed, but the seven librarians remained. They continued with their work. The unkept grounds grew until the forest closed in around the building. They live in the same comfortable routine until one day a new resident arrives.

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“Flight” by Doris Lessing

An old man tries to hold on to a beloved bird and a beloved granddaughter. (Summary)

“Exchange” by Ray Bradbury

Miss Adams, the head librarian, stays late to get everything in order. She hears knocking at the front door; a man in uniform wants to come in. She tells him they’re closed. He asks her if she remembers him. (Summary)

“A Scent of Sarsaparilla” by Ray Bradbury

William starts spending a lot of time in his attic. He views the attic with all its remnants of the past as a Time Machine. His wife doesn’t share his nostalgia.

“To Every Thing There is a Season” by Alistair MacLeod

The narrator recounts a time when he was eleven, living on a farm, with Christmas approaching. The father hasn’t been well for over two years. The family is eagerly awaiting the return of the eldest brother, Neil, who works on a boat.

“The Trolley” by Ray Bradbury

Mr. Tridden stops the trolley in the middle of the block and calls out to the local children. It’s time for their last ride. Mr. Tridden is retiring tomorrow and the trolley is being decommissioned. It will be replaced by a bus.

“The First Day of School” by Jeffery Deaver

Jim Martin makes the morning walk to Thomas Jefferson Middle School. It’s the first day, so he’s excited and nervous. He remembers some significant moments from prior school years.

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“Remembering Orchards” by Barry Lopez

The narrator lived with his stepfather from twelve to seventeen, and they weren’t close. He was a highly skilled orchardist and farmer, who brought serenity to the home. The narrator talks about his stepfather and his assistant, Ramon. He appreciates his stepfather now, and knows what he’s lost.

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I’ll keep adding short stories about nostalgia as I find more.