Unforgettable Short Stories

This page contains stories that have stayed with readers for many years. Some of them are simple and others are more complex, but both types evoke a strong emotional response.

Unforgettable, Memorable, Powerful or Moving Short Fiction

A Distant Episode | Paul Bowles

A linguistics Professor visits Ain Tadouirt in the warm country. He goes to the cafe of Hassan Ramani, a man he had met ten years earlier. After finding out his old acquaintance is dead, he gets a local to show him where to buy some goods he is looking for. They set off on a walk.

This story, first unsettling and then shocking, will stay with you.

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The Story of an Hour | Kate Chopin

A woman is given the news that her husband has been killed in a train accident. Over the next hour, she thinks about what her life will be and experiences a range of emotions.

This story is memorable for revealing a forbidden reaction to devastating news.

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A Dark-Brown Dog | Stephen Crane

A dog follows a small boy home, even though the boy tries to scare the dog away with beatings. They become close, but the other members of the family continue to treat the dog badly.

Some might find this story unduly sentimental and it could be, but I still found it moving and memorable.

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A Jury of Her Peers | Susan Glaspell

A farmer in Dixon County is found murdered in his home. His wife is the primary suspect and she is held on suspicion of the murder. While the authorities investigate the scene, two of the men’s wives collect a few items for the accused.

This memorable story is a warning against a patronizing, superior attitude and much more.

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The Gift of the Magi | O. Henry

A poor husband and wife try to figure out how to get each other a nice Christmas present.

This moving, sentimental story about the beauty of selfless giving will stay with you forever.

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To Build a Fire | Jack London

In the Yukon, a man is traveling on foot with a husky in the wilderness to meet some acquaintances. It’s – 75 degrees and even though he’s careful, he breaks through some ice and soaks his boots, necessitating a fire.

This story of a man’s struggle for survival against the elements is a warning, a statement of our relationship to nature and, most of all, an engaging adventure.

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Coco | Guy De Maupassant

A young farmhand beats and starves a nag in his care.

A story to rouse your sense of compassion and justice.

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A Good Man is Hard to Find | Flannery O’Connor

An extended family is headed to Florida for a vacation. The grandmother wants to go to Tennessee instead, so she talks about an escaped murderer – The Misfit – who is suspected to be on his way to Florida.

It’s no accident that this is one of the most frequently anthologized short stories. It has deft characterization, will make you think about what “good” really means, and has an unforgettable ending.

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The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas | Ursula K. Le Guin

The citizens of Omelas are happy, but the narrator is vague as to what exactly they have which makes them so. However, the people’s happiness depends on one thing, which all the citizens are aware of.

This story presents a memorable moral dilemma.

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The Veldt | Ray Bradbury

A family lives in a futuristic house that automatically meets all their needs, including a nursery for the children that can create any scene they want. The parents are thinking about reducing their reliance on technology by taking a break from the nursery and all the automation, but the children are against the idea.

This is a powerful story about over reliance on technology and the possible dangers of advancing AI.

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The Little Match Girl | Hans Christian Andersen

A young girl seeks shelter from the cold in a nook. She can’t go home because she was unable to sell any matches; her father would beat her. She wants to light one of her matches to warm herself.

Another moving, sentimental story to rouse your sense of compassion and justice.

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