Star Wars Short Stories

Star Wars Short Stories
Star Wars Short Stories

This page compiles Star Wars short stories, some of which can be read online. I Hope you find something new. If you want short stories for children, check out 5-Minute Star Wars Stories. Some of the Star Wars short stories here are written for a younger audience, but they can be enjoyed by adults as well.

Star Wars Short Stories

“Sharing the Same Face” by Jason Fry

Yoda and three clone troopers land on Rugosa. Yoda has a meeting with King Katuunko about an alliance. The Separatists are also interested. While talking through a holoprojector, they’re interrupted by Asajj Ventress. She proposes a test of Yoda’s abilities to help Katuunko make his decision. Yoda accepts the challenge.

This story can be read in the preview of The Clone Wars: Stories of Light and Dark.

“What a Jedi Makes” by Michael Kogge

A boy approaches the temple. He wants to learn about the force and become a Jedi. He tries to stay out of sight on the upper levels of Coruscant. He’s a orphan from the undercity and he’s dressed in rags. He knows the Jedi won’t care about his background; they respect everyone. A girl about his age in robes orders him to stop and ignites a lightsaber.

This story can be read in the preview of Stories of Jedi and Sith. (15% in)

“Raymus” | Gary Whitta

Princess Leia is aboard the Tantive IV with Captain Raymus. She has the data just sent by Rogue One. They’re headed for Tatooine but the ship is damaged. The Empire wants to retrieve the stolen data.

Read “Raymus” (First story in Amazon preview of From a Certain Point of View: Star Wars)

“The Red One” | Rae Carson

The little red droid is full of sand. It’s been neglected on a Jawa sandcrawler for four years. One day, the Jawas inspect him. There’s a possibility of being sold. The droid is pleased at the prospect of having a new master.

Read “The Red One” (Second story in preview)

“Master and Apprentice” | Claudia Gray

The desert appears to be barren but the force is active. Obi-Wan calls the name of his old master, Qui-Gon. Obi-Wan is old now and pretends to be a poor hermit. A crucial moment has arrived and he needs his old mentor’s advice.

Read “Master and Apprentice” (Third story in preview)

“Eyes of the Empire” | Kiersten White

Maela works in a group sorting data from the Empire’s probe droids. She likes her work, being able to see lots of places she can’t visit. Her mother had discouraged her from working for the Empire. One day, she makes an important discovery.

“Eyes of the Empire” is the first story in the Amazon preview of From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back.

“Orientation” | John Jackson Miller

The Imperial cruiser Defiance is on route to Ryloth to deal with an insurgency. They are running battle drills, overseen by Commandant Baylo and observed by Darth Vader. Baylo’s position is in jeopardy; the Emperor is thinking of dissolving his school.

“Mercy Mission” | Melissa Scott

Hera Syndulla and Goll go on a mission to help the citizens of her homeworld, Ryloth. She is bringing them a root that can treat the fever that is ravaging the planet. The Empire is exploiting the situation, requiring registration before treatment is given. This exposes the false identities of dissidents.

“Blade Squadron” | David J. Williams & Mark S. Williams

Gina Moonsong is part of a squadron of B-Wing pilots who will be providing support during the attack on the Death Star over Endor. Aboard the Devastator, Admiral Montferrat prepares to carry out the Emperor’s plan.

Read “Blade Squadron Pt. 1”

Read “Blade Squadron Pt. 2”

“Kindred Spirits” | Christie Golden

Lassa Rhayme and Asajj Ventress have a plan. Ventress is posing as Rayme’s prisoner to infiltrate a ship of pirates, led by Hondo Ohnaka, and retrieve a stolen item.

Read “Kindred Spirits”

“The Voice of the Empire” | Mur Lafferty

Calliope Drouth, an investigative reporter, is being promoted to Senior Reporter, the voice of the Empire. She is wary of her position; one of her recent reports was edited beyond recognition. She is being sent to an Imperial ball to put a positive spin on the Empire.

Star Wars Short Stories, Cont’d

“Blade Squadron: Kuat” | David J. Williams & Mark S. Williams

B-Wing pilot Gina Moonsong leads an assault on the Kuat Drive Yards. They get heavy resistance. Command realizes they have to change their tactics.

“Scorched” | Delilah S. Dawson

Greer Sonnel drinks with some fellow competitors. She is about to compete in the Gauntlet, a dangerous race.  The winner earns a spot in the Five Sabers, a prestigious race where a pilot can make their name.

Read “Scorched”

“The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku” | Landry Walker

A ship carrying the property of Count Dooku was badly damaged. It crashed on a desert planet. Decades later, Sidon Ithano hears a distress call sent out by the beleaguered vessel. It won’t be long before every pirate and scavenger hears the same message.

“Bait” | Alan Dean Foster

Grummgar is in the jungles of Ithor getting a trophy for a client. As he approaches the glade where he plans to wait for his quarry, he finds it occupied. A small human female is relaxing there. He realizes he can use her to his advantage.

Read “Bait”

“The End of History” | Alexander Freed

Antron  investigates a downed starfighter. A young woman, Miru, staggers out of the wreckage. There are TIE fighters overhead, so they look for a safer place. Miru has an urgent mission—to get a warning to Corellia about the resistance cells.

Read “The End of History”

I really liked Tales of the Bounty HuntersIt has 5 stories about IG-88, Dengar, Bossk, Zuckuss and 4-LOM, and Boba Fett. The one about IG-88 is my favorite; I know a lot of people didn’t care for it, but I still remember it fondly after 25 years. A lot of it can be read in the preview.

If you enjoy this volume, there are similar ones in this series on The Mos Eisley Cantina, Jabba’s Palace, the Empire and the New Republic.

I’ll keep adding Star Wars short stories as I find more.