Sci Fi or Fantasy Mystery Short Stories

These short stories all have a mystery and usually a detective of some kind who’s on the case, but they’re also set in a world different from our own in some way, with either science fiction or fantasy elements.

“No Soy Loco” by Maria Acevedo

Victor is meeting with Dr. Kleinman, a psychiatrist. Victor started hearing voices after getting hit in the head during baseball practice. He hears a discussion in a language he doesn’t know.

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“The Thing in the Pond” by Paul Ernst

Gordon Sharpe visits his old mentor, Professor Weidbold at his country house, and he’s brought an elephant gun. There have been reports of a monster in the nearby pond and he’s going to check it out. (Summary)

“Crucifixion Variations” by Lawrence Person

Richard Lasman is in charge of The Jerusalem Project, a multi-year, multi-million dollar search through sub-quark event waves for Jesus. He’s an atheist, while the head researcher, Philip Morley, is deeply religious, having experienced a vision that cured his alcoholism. One day, Philip joyfully bursts into Richard’s office—he’s found Jesus.

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“Shipshape Home” by Richard Matheson

Ruth tells her husband, Rick, that the janitor of their building gives her the creeps. She thinks he’s up to something, but Rick dismisses her concerns. While having dinner with their neighbors, Marge and Phil, the subject comes up, as well as the fact that the rent in their building is quite cheap. They start taking Ruth’s theories a bit more seriously.

“Murder, 1986” by P. D. James

Sergeant Dolby responds to a crime scene in a Colony, where those who are infected with the Disease must live. He knows he has to report it, because it looks like murder, even though Headquarters won’t like it. They already have too much work, and the dead girl is an Ipdic, which makes the case less important. He investigates carefully and calls it in. The response is more significant than he expected.

I’ll keep adding science fiction or fantasy mystery short stories as I find more.