F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Stories

Here are some F. Scott Fitzgerald short stories in alphabetical order of the first word of the title, not including “The”.

Afternoon of an Author 

A man wakes up feeling better than usual lately—he’s not ill—and thinks about going out even though he has a story to finish. He looks over his current draft and throws it out. He tries to come up with a destination for his little trip.

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An Alcoholic Case

A nurse is staying with an alcoholic, trying to keep him from drinking and tending to his medical needs.

Babylon Revisited 

Charlie Wales returns to Paris to get back his daughter, Honoria. She has been living with his sister, Marion. Charlie is financially secure and has abandoned the partying and drinking that contributed to the death of his wife and loss of his daughter.

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The Baby Party 

Edith Andros and her two-and-a-half year old daughter, Ede, are invited to a baby party. Edith doesn’t really like the hostess, Mrs. Markey, but they keep up friendly appearances because their husbands are acquainted. When Edith’s husband, John, arrives late to the party, he hears a commotion and knows there’s trouble.

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Bernice Bobs Her Hair 

Bernice, a young woman, is visiting her cousin Marjorie. Marjorie is a big hit with all the young men while Bernice is struggling. After a disappointing evening dance, Bernice overhears Marjorie talking about how socially inept she is.

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“Boil Some Water—Lot’s of It” 

Pat Hobby is forty-nine and a writer. During his morning’s work, he comes up with a good line. The script he’s working on has a doctor in it, so he goes to the Red Cross Station to make sure his writing is realistic.

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Mrs. Button goes to the hospital for the birth of her first child. Mr. Button soon follows to see how everything went. Doctor Keene is upset and cuts ties with the Button family. The nurses are startled and unhelpful. He is finally led to his newborn and discovers the reason for everyone’s shock.

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Dearly Beloved 

Beauty Boy and Lilymary get married. They work to better themselves. They have a child and things get tough.

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Head and Shoulders 

Horace Tarbox is a seventeen-year-old Yale student interested only in reading and his studies. He meets a flirty young woman, Marcia, who invites him to watch her perform at the theatre. Horace begins thinking of Marcia often.

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The Ice Palace 

A southern girl, Sally Carrol, goes swimming with some friends. Rumor has it she is engaged to a northerner. She feels tied down and wants some adventure. Sally Carrol goes to visit her fiancé’s family and hometown in the winter.

This story can be read in the preview of Babylon Revisited: And Other Stories.

The Lost Decade 

A visitor, Louis Trimble, enters an editor’s office. Orrison Brown is instructed to take Trimble to lunch because Trimble feels he has been away a long time.

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Winter Dreams

Dexter Green is a fourteen-year-old caddy, working for pocket money. He quits one day when Judy Jones, a beautiful eleven-year-old, treats him as an inferior. Years later he goes into business and becomes a success.

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