Agatha Christie Short Stories

Here are some Agatha Christie short stories featuring many of her famous detectives.

Agatha Christie Short Stories

“The Coming of Mr. Quin” 

Some acquaintances are gathered at Royston, hosted by the Evesham’s, Tom and Laura. Also present is Sir Richard, who is a soldier and traveler, the Portals, and Mr. Satterthwaite, an observant man. He notices Mrs. Portal. Conversation turns to Mr. Capel, the man who used to own the house. He shot himself.

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“The Case of the Middle-Aged Wife”

Mr. Packington leaves for work. Mrs. Packington sits at the kitchen table, first angry and then sad. She reads an ad in the paper by Parker Pyne, who claims he can help unhappy people. She goes to his office. He knows some of her experiences and concerns without being told. He believes he can help her, but his fee is too high.

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“The Affair at the Victory Ball” by Agatha Christie

Chief Inspector Japp brings Hercule Poirot in on a baffling case. While attending a costume ball a man is found stabbed. After being taken home a woman is found dead in her bed from a cocaine overdose.

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“The Tuesday Night Club” 

A group of friends are socializing at the home of Miss Marple when the conversation turns to unsolved mysteries. Each member of the group believes their profession gives them an advantage in crime solving. They decide to take turns telling a crime mystery of which the teller knows the solution. Then they will put their perceptive powers to the test and try to identify the real culprit.

In this first story, Mr. and Mrs. Jones and Miss Clark get sick after supper, and Mrs. Jones dies. Suspicion falls on Mr. Jones because he was dependent on his wife’s money, and due to a letter he wrote. Nothing solidly implicates him for the crime.

This story can be read in the preview of Miss Marple: The Complete Stories(Kindle version)

“The Witness for the Prosecution”

Leonard Vole has been charged with murder, and the case against him is strong. His solicitor, Mr. Mayherne, stresses the importance of frankness—the more he knows, the stronger the defense he can mount. It all started when Leonard did a good deed to an elderly woman. As he tells the story, it turns out the case against him is even worse than he thought.

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“The Listerdale Mystery”

Mrs. St. Vincent and her daughter, Barbara, have come down in the world. They’re even having trouble paying for their current place. A young man wants to call on Barbara, but they’re embarrassed to have him in their humble home. When Mrs. Vincent looks through the morning paper, she’s surprised to read an ad for a perfect house at a low rent.

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“Three Blind Mice”

Molly and Giles have started running a guest house. They’re inexperienced so they’re starting with just a few guests. It’s been cold and now it’s snowing. They hear a news report of a woman who was murdered nearby. Mr. Wren, a talkative man studying to be an architect, is the first to arrive. Mrs. Boyle, an aggressive complainer, is next. As the weather gets worse, there’s concern about getting snowed in.

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I hope you found a good Agatha Christie short story to read.