“A Strange Story” by O Henry: Summary, Short Story Plot Synopsis

“A Strange Story” is a short story by O. Henry about a man who disappears one night. It’s very short, so it’s probably just as well for you to read it, but if you’d prefer it even shorter, this is the place. Here’s a summary of “A Strange Story”.

“A Strange Story” Summary

John Smothers lives with his wife and their five-year-old daughter in Austin. The girl gets sick with colic one night. John goes out for medicine but doesn’t come back.

His wife remarries three months later and moves to San Antonio. His daughter recovers and grows up. When she marries, she lives in the same house she lived in as a child. Eventually, she also has a little girl of five, Pansy, who gets sick with colic on the night of the anniversary of her father’s disappearance.

Her husband, John Smith, is going to go out for medicine but she’s concerned he won’t come back. Instead, they sit by Pansy’s bedside and watch her. John wants to go when she worsens but again, his wife prevents him.

Suddenly, an old white-haired man enters with a bottle of medicine and gives Pansy a mouthful, which makes her better immediately. She’s the first to recognize him.

John was a little late waiting for a street car.

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A Strange Story by O Henry Summaryshort story Plot Synopsis
“A Strange Story” Summary