Lee Child Books In Order: Jack Reacher

If you love Jack Reacher and want to read everything in order, this is the page for you.

Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Books In Order

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Here’s a quick overview of the novels (numbered) and short stories and novellas (bullet points) in chronological order. The number before the titles indicates the novel’s publication order.

  • “Second Son”: 13-year-old Reacher deals with the death of his grandfather, a bully, an accusation against his older brother and something that could cost his father his military career.
  • “High Heat”: 17-year-old Reacher intervenes when a man slaps a woman. But they both have connections that complicate things.
  • “Deep Down”: Military Intelligence calls in Reacher to find out who’s leaking information to a foreign bidder.
  • “Small Wars”: A promising young officer is shot dead and it looks like a professional job.

8. The Enemy (2004): A Major General is found dead from a heart attack in a cheap motel. The woman he was with stole his briefcase. When Reacher goes to inform the widow, there’s a complication.

  • “James Penny’s New Identity”: Reacher encounters a desperate Vietnam veteran.

21. Night School (2016): Major Reacher is sent on a cooperative assignment with the CIA and FBI. A mystery American has made a $100 million deal with a terrorist organization.

16. The Affair (2011): A woman is found murdered and a military captain is one of the main suspects. Reacher is sent undercover to do damage control on the investigation, due to the possible bad publicity and the fact the suspects father is an influential Senator.

1. Killing Floor (1997): A false arrest, corruption in high places and a counterfeiting ring. Reacher is drawn into a murder investigation before finding out it hits close to home.

2. Die Trying (1998): A good deed leads to Reacher being taken captive along with Holly Johnson, a VIP with law enforcement and government connections. A radical group makes an impossible demand.

3. Tripwire (1999): Hook Hobie’s “early warning system” is activated, alerting him that his whole way of life is at risk—his thirty year old secret is in danger of being revealed. Reacher is in Key West when a private investigator comes looking for him. Soon after, two other men come looking as well.

4. Running Blind (The Visitor, 2000): Female soldiers from Reacher’s past are being killed, and the killer leaves no clues. The FBI compels Reacher to assist with the investigation.

5. Echo Burning (2001): Carmen Greer wants to hire Reacher to get rid of someone. Meanwhile, two groups of people are watching Carmen’s ranch.

6. Without Fail (2002): Someone is threatening to kill Vice-President-elect Armstrong. The Secret Service hires Reacher to audit their security measures.

7. Persuader (2003): Reacher and the DEA partner to investigate Zachary Beck, a dealer of oriental carpets and suspected drug smuggler.

9. One Shot (2005): A sniper kills five people with six shots in a public place and is easily captured. He claims they have the wrong guy and tells them to find Jack Reacher.

10. The Hard Way (2006): After witnessing a man drive off in a Mercedes, Reacher is recruited by Edward Lane to help find his kidnapped wife.

11. Bad Luck and Trouble (2007): Members of Reacher’s old army investigation team are being killed one by one. He and Frances Neagley try to located the others before it’s too late.

12. Nothing to Lose (2008): Reacher gets a cold reception in the small town of Despair. In the nearby town of Hope, he finds an ally who’ll help him uncover Despair’s dark secret.

  • “Guy Walks Into a Bar”: Two suspicious men watch a young woman in a bar who’s wrapped up in the live band.

13. Gone Tomorrow (2009): A suicide on the New York Subway draws Reacher into a web of secrets and deception.

14. 61 Hours (2010): Reacher helps protect an elderly witness to a drug deal.

15. Worth Dying For (2010): In Nebraska, Reacher draws the ire of the Duncans, who control the county. Turns out the Duncans are only one of the criminal threats in the area.

  • “Knowing You’re Alive”

17. A Wanted Man (2012): Reacher catches a ride with two men and a woman. He notices some irregularities, including lies and nervousness, and realizes he’s getting a coded message.

  • “Everyone Talks”: A detective goes to talk to a wounded Reacher.

18. Never Go Back (2013): Reacher is investigated on two counts from sixteen years ago—on a murder and a paternity suit. The commander of his old unit has been relieved of duty and incarcerated.

  • “Not a Drill”: While staying at a cabin in the wilderness, the police close down the trail.

19. Personal (2014): An elite sniper is out of prison, whereabouts unknown, and an attempt is made to assassinate the President of France. The upcoming G8 summit will attract many world leaders; the guilty man needs to be found to ensure their safety.

  • “Good and Valuable Consideration”: Reacher and Nick Heller notice a nervous man in a bar.
  • “No Room at the Motel”: Reacher gets a room before a snowstorm causes a rush.
  • “The Picture of the Lonely Diner”: The subway station is deserted and blocked by police tape.

20. Make Me (2015): Reacher is drawn into a private investigation as he assists a woman looking for a colleague in a small town, but she doesn’t know the client or any of the case details.

22. The Midnight Line (2017): A pawned West Point class ring sends Reacher looking for its original owner. He finds bikers, a fence, a detective and a private investigator.

  • “Maybe They Have a Tradition”: A diversion to England on Christmas Eve in a snowstorm.
  • “Faking a Murderer”: Temperance Brennan is a suspect in a murder.
  • “Too Much Time”: A thwarted bag-snatching is more complicated than it appears.
  • “The Christmas Scorpion”: An infamous assassin hunts a VIP headed for a military base.

23. Past Tense (2018): While visiting his father’s hometown, Reacher discovers a motel hiding a violent secret.

  • “The Fourth Man”: Reacher’s name is on a list of four and the other three are dead.
  • “Cleaning the Gold”
  • “Smile”

24. Blue Moon (2019): After foiling a mugging, Reacher helps a couple indebted to a loan shark, with links to rival mafia families.

25. The Sentinel (2020): A thwarted kidnapping is just the beginning as Reacher uncovers a conspiracy and cover up.

26. Better Off Dead (2021): An unlikely vehicle accident, an FBI agent, a missing man, and a backwater town with a powerful and mysterious leader who hires ex-military for special jobs.

27. No Plan B (2022, Upcoming): A killer who makes his murders look like suicides is just the tip of a criminal iceberg.