Star Wars Short Stories

This page compiles some canon Star Wars expanded universe short stories that are available to read online.

Hope you find something new. I will add more stories as I find them.

Short Star Wars Canon EU Stories

Orientation | John Jackson Miller

The Imperial cruiser Defiance is on route to Ryloth to deal with an insurgency. They are running battle drills, overseen by Commandant Baylo and observed by Darth Vader. Baylo’s position is in jeopardy; the Emperor is thinking of dissolving his school.

Read “Orientation”

Mercy Mission | Melissa Scott

Hera Syndulla and Goll go on a mission to help the citizens of her homeworld, Ryloth. She is bringing them a root that can treat the fever that is ravaging the planet. The Empire is exploiting the situation, requiring registration before treatment is given. This exposes the false identities of dissidents.

Read “Mercy Mission”

If you’re getting into the new Star Wars stories, this is a great book. It has the novels Tarkin and A New Dawn, and 3 short stories: Mercy Mission, Bottleneck, and The Levers of Power, all for a great price.

Blade Squadron | David J. Williams & Mark S. Williams

Gina Moonsong is part of a squadron of B-Wing pilots who will be providing support during the attack on the Death Star over Endor. Aboard the Devastator, Admiral Montferrat prepares to carry out the Emperor’s plan.

Read “Blade Squadron Pt. 1”

Read “Blade Squadron Pt. 2”

Kindred Spirits | Christie Golden

Lassa Rhayme and Asajj Ventress have a plan. Ventress is posing as Rayme’s prisoner to infiltrate a ship of pirates, led by Hondo Ohnaka, and retrieve a stolen item.

Read “Kindred Spirits”

The Voice of the Empire | Mur Lafferty

Calliope Drouth, an investigative reporter, is being promoted to Senior Reporter, the voice of the Empire. She is wary of her position; one of her recent reports was edited beyond recognition. She is being sent to an Imperial ball to put a positive spin on the Empire.

Read “The Voice of the Empire” (Pages 92-97)

Blade Squadron: Kuat | David J. Williams & Mark S. Williams

B-Wing pilot Gina Moonsong leads an assault on the Kuat Drive Yards. They get heavy resistance. Command realizes they have to change their tactics.

Read “Kuat” (Ctl + F “Exclusive fiction”)

Scorched | Delilah S. Dawson

Greer Sonnel drinks with some fellow competitors. She is about to compete in the Gauntlet, a dangerous race.  The winner earns a spot in the Five Sabers, a prestigious race where a pilot can make their name.

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The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku | Landry Walker

A ship carrying the property of Count Dooku was badly damaged. It crashed on a desert planet. Decades later, Sidon Ithano hears a distress call sent out by the beleaguered vessel. It won’t be long before every pirate and scavenger hears the same message.

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