Short Stories About Sacrifice

In these stories, characters make a sacrifice, either of themselves or someone else.

Holiday | Katherine Anne Porter

A young woman goes on holiday to a Texas farm owned by a German family. There she meets Ottilie, a deformed, physically disabled servant girl.

Bellflower | Guy De Maupassant

A narrator gives us a recollection of the life of Mother Bellflower, an old seamstress with a bad leg and a mysterious past.

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The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant | W. D. Wetherell

A fourteen-year-old boy who loves fishing spends his summer vacation at his family’s cabin. He’s infatuated with seventeen-year-old Sheila Mant, from the cabin next door. He watches her longingly for some time before asking her to a concert.

The Hero | Gabriele D’Annunzio

The citizens of Mascalico have a procession and offer sacrifices to their patron Saint. One of the men helping with the procession gets injured.

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