Psychological Short Stories

These stories will feature a character living with a psychological barrier that complicates their life.

See also Mental Illness/Depression

Beyond the Bayou | Kate Chopin

An African-American woman, La Folle, was frightened “out of her senses” as a child. As a result, she won’t cross an imaginary line in her area; she has never been beyond the bayou.

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Georgy Porgy | Roald Dahl

A celibate and repressed vicar rebuffs the advances of the many spinsters in his parish.

The Good Doctor | Adam Haslett

A psychiatrist makes a long drive to see a patient who’s been getting her prescriptions renewed by phone. He wants to engage her in some talk therapy and better understand her situation.

Christmas Not Just Once a Year | Heinrich Boll

Shortly after WW I, a German family is showing “symptoms of disintegration”.  In 1947, when the family’s Christmas tree was being taken down, it fell over, causing Aunt Milla to scream for almost a week. Uncle Franz offers a solution to the problem that causes issues of its own.

Eupompus Gave Splendour to Art by Numbers | Aldous Huxley

Emberlin is an academic, an encyclopedia of irrelevant information. While researching an obscure quotation, he becomes fixated on numbers and counting to the exclusion of everything else.

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The Second Tree from the Corner | E. B. White

Mr. Trexler regularly visits a psychiatrist because of dizziness, despondency, and tension among other things.

Pumpkins | Francine Prose

A truck full of pumpkins collides with a car, killing the female driver. The report has an effect on several people in the small town.

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